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Summer schools

Lifelong Learning department offers a wide range of certificates and studies for years. Our team has years of experience providing help and support to ensure our students’ learning experience is as enjoyable as possible.


Online Courses

Distance learning and online degrees make the world your classroom! The most obvious advantage of distance learning programs is accessibility. Distance learning programs will allow you to pursue a certificate from the comfort of your own home, without needing to worry about moving or otherwise changing your own circumstances to pursue the certificate.


Testing in Russian

‚ÄčThe best opportunity to certify the knowledge of the Russian language – is the pass TORFL at PFUR.
The certificate is required for obtain the Russian Federation citizenship by naturalization; get official employment authorization or for enrollment to main study programs (bachmasterpost) at Russian Universitys.

Learning Russian

The University has solid reputation in teaching Russian as a foreign language. PFUR’s Professors taught Russian Language to most foreign cosmonauts at the Yuri Gagarin Training Center.

For last 50 years, University has provided successful Russian-based training for experts in different fields for more than 160 countries.

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